About Us

Business of Diversification

unward was founded 15 years ago, with a business engaging in molding machine development and manufacturing as well as sub-contracting food machines at the inception of the founding. Thanks to the technical extension and customers' affirmation and approval, Sunward has been focusing on R&D and manufacturing for filling and sealing packaging equipment.

Get Sure in Industry
As the mechanical equipment what offers by Sunward put an emphasis on technology and a persistence on quality, the company has regard for the selection of strong-structure and materials (most of them imported from Japan) machine. Thus Sunward has a persistent guarantee to customers: a stable quality, reasonable price and best service that have won cooperation from domestic foods manufacturers such as Sheng Hsiang Jen, ABC Jelly, Tsin Tsin Corporation and Jellico, etc.

Complete Product and Services
To extend a scope of service to customers, Sunward is currently focusing on the R&D and production of PET performs. We hope our diversified operation will provide our customers with more complete and satisfactory products and service.